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What To Know Before Hiring An #SEO #Agency ?

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Hiring #Search #Engine #Optimization #agencies can be a difficult task especially for business that are localized or startups. Often the mechanics of these #SEO #agencies are lost on the general population. Sometimes these agencies are lauded for making companies more profitable or show up higher in #Google searches. This however, is not always the case. People who enter into hiring SEO agencies blindly are taken in by the good things these agencies advertise on their sites and in their customer testimonials.

Many people relate experiences of being ‘ripped off’ by people who claim to have SEO expertise. For the individual who does not know exactly what SEO experts do, it is often impossible to track what they do in order to ensure that your company is getting what it has paid for. In order to remedy this situation, there needs to be more transparency in what SEO agencies are asked to do and there ought to be milestones set to verify goals are being met and results shown.

If the purpose of your SEO agency is to #increase #traffic to your business page, or to increase your search results, then monthly reporting should be done. These reports should show your previous standing before you hired the agency and your increased results since they implemented their strategy to work for you.
Other people are inclined to believe that the type of business and the goods/services offered also affect the job of SEO agencies. For example, if the product issued by Company A is popular then it will be searched for more readily by people in contrast to the product offered by Company B which is of a lesser value or the least popular in the market. At the end of the day, search engines show what people want to see and therefore SEO agencies can only optimize a business to the worth of its product or service in regard to market demands.

Another factor to consider is the reason for using an SEO agency. The purpose of optimization is to increase your sales at the end of the day. Yes if traffic is increased then it is more likely you will get sales, but this not always the case, therefore your company goals need to be stated clearly before you hire and seek to begin work with any agency.

Similarly, not all SEO agencies are the same. Many agencies promise big results without even knowing what your company is about. It is best to find an agent in your company’s niche in order to see a track record of the SEO agency’s work and success. Knowing the company, what they are about and their current standing is of utmost importance to SEO success via an agency. There are many issues that need to be addressed both internally by your company and externally by the SEO agency before any work can be started. When this is done, it avoids many of the failed promises and lack of results local businesses face after hiring SEO agencies. Clear objectives and responsibilities need to be defined to avoid misunderstandings.

A good SEO agency should seek to know your business, niche, clients and customers you are trying to reach within your geographical and demographic market starting work. Each industry is different, each product/service and client. They need to be addressed differently and therefore an understanding of this facet makes it easier for an SEO agency to state whether or not they are capable of assisting you, which should be expressed in their proposal.

Frankly speaking, Search Engine Optimization is about customer service and if the agency hired cannot facilitate this central tenet of the job, then your business should continue looking till they get the right fit. Ask the right questions, do your due diligence in research and the results you get should be the results you want that will make your business succeed both for your short and long term goals.

NOTE: Was your experience with an SEO agency positive or was is similar to these concerns shared above? We would love to hear your concerns and experiences!
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How to Run a Facebook Monthly Giveaway
#Facebook, the popular social networking website that connects individuals offers many opportunities beside socialization. Facebook can be used to put on contests or #giveaways to attract #customers and ultimately improve ratings.
For #contests to be successful, it is important to identify the reason for the giveaway. What will its success or failure do for your business? Are you looking to advertise and attract new customers? Are you looking to rebrand or reach out to old customers? These questions are important for they decide #contest #goals.

It is important to know what customers want and giveaway products that represent your business. For example a Publishing company could giveaway as a grand prize a book deal with their company. This both attracts their target audience, future buyers and remains true to their brand. Similarly, a Photography fan page could giveaway tips on how to improve photography techniques or a monetary grand prize for a winning picture that was voted the best for following all tips.

#Shortstack and #Woobox are two popular third party applications that provide an interface to run your contest.They both offer free services to users, but Shortstack is inherently more comprehensive than Woobox with its landing pages, form builder and team collaboration features. Depending on the type of audience you have and your technological savvy, then either app will work for you, especially because both are mobile friendly. These applications organize your contest, collects information easily and ensures that winners are notified.

Success of any business depends on its reach. So a Facebook contest needs to be advertised rigorously in order to attract entrants. In this stage, share rules, prizes, timelines and reminders with customers and keep your requests to enter simple.

Now that you know more about Facebook contests, start making your contests, follow the rules and ensure you stay true to your brand! In this way you will gain more customers who will use your product in the future!

NOTE: Other applications like Wishpond, Heyo and AgoraPulse are available for facilitating your contests as well, but not all may offer free accounts or free trials. It is therefore important to consider your brand and goals before engaging in a Facebook contest to get the best results.
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