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Case study: Small Shop ecommerce strategy

Not every online store sells tens of thousands of products. You may be afraid your website will look very bare and people may not take it seriously. Is that you? Don’t despair. Our small shop ecommerce strategy below worked for this client. It may work for you too.

If you are a smaller company you need to have a smarter strategy. You can have an ecommerce site that blends product information and interesting and informative content.

About the client: is an importer and online seller of ethnic Pakistani apparel and accessories. Small company. Not that many products.

Our focus throughout was to make an interesting and representative design and then interweave articles right on the home page. The content brings the reader. Once on the site they can browse the products and make a purchase.

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Case study: Small Shop ecommerce strategy


Add lots of pictures. The more pictures you post, the better it is. You may have one main image and the rest as thumbnails, where a customer can click for a larger view. Pictures make it easy for customers to get comfortable with the product, as well as adding SEO value.

Also add pictures that are subject / area related but not necessarily product related.

Every image name can be keyword related plus the Alternate Text of each image gives you an opportunity to mention your keywords along with image caption and description. All these little things add up.

Pictures also make it easy to share via social media. People like to share an image and then add their comments. They spread the word for you for free.

  • Creative design
  • Emotional strings
  • Stories / articles
  • Social integration
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