Business Process Outsourcing

Businesses can save significantly on their operational expenses by outsourcing certain sub-segments. Examples are:

  1. Data Entry:

    1. Ecommerce product listings
    2. Ebay, Amazon, Rakuten etc product data entry
    3. Online Data Entry Services
    4. Offline Data Entry Services
    5. Data Entry from Printed/Handwritten Documents
    6. Image Data Entry Services
    7. Book Data Entry Services
    8. Copy Paste Services
    9. Catalog Data Entry Services
    10. Company Reports Data Entry Services
    11. Invoice Data Entry
    12. Text & Numeric Data Entry
    13. Data Entry from Yellow Pages
    14. Legal Documents Data Entry
    15. Data Entry for Mailing Lists
      Interloper, Inc. has experience in delivering a complete suite of data entry services to diverse industry verticals and niches such as academics, market research and direct marketing companies, non-profit organizations, real estate, legal, healthcare, ecommerce, tour and travel, etc. We cater to clients across the globe, helping them create well-managed and up-to-date financial, business and customer records.
  2. Customer Service:

    1. Telephone
    2. Email
    3. Chat
  3. Technical Support:

    1. Telephone
    2. Email
    3. Chat
  4. Bookkeeping:

  5. Warehousing and drop shipping:

    Through our warehouse in Dallas, TX, USA, we can stock inventory and drop ship it for you. Our fulfillment services saves you the expenses and hassle of shipping and warehousing.

    Let us know the business process you need help with, how many people you need, what hours and days and we will put together a team to take care of your process.

    BPO used to be the domain of very large multi-national corporations. Not anymore. Companies like us are helping small businesses and startups to keep operational costs low and invest the savings in revenue generating activities.

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