Service Specific Website

Even small businesses can benefit from outsourcing their semi-skilled and skilled office jobs but they don’t know how to. On the other side, companies that do provide such services have a hard time communicating their message to small businesses. Their main website talks about all their fancy stuff and outsourcing of office jobs gets the short shrift.

We created a website specifically for Data Entry and Product Listing services for this very purpose, that is, to have a website that focuses on one area of the business and all its content and SEO is geared towards that.

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Sometimes separation is good


If you think you have a good service but it’s message is getting lost on your main website, create a separate website for it. Create separate content, structure it as per effective SEO strategies and then promote it. You are likely to get better results.

Sometimes separation is better:


  • Convey a coherent message
  • Better SEO management
  • Easier to monitor effectiveness

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