You have a story in you

Beth Lord is on a mission. She believes everyone has a story to tell and she is determined to help you write it. Sharing your story benefits both you and the reader. You get weight off your chest and the reader benefits from your experience.

Many of us have aging parents or grandparents. You probably don’t know what their ambitions were when they were young, what kind of adversity they faced in their lives, what they overcame and what they succumbed to.

Beth helps you and your loved ones write your story and convert it into book form. You can send the book to your family and friends if you like and leave behind a chronicle of your family’s history in your words. It will also help your future family members connect with you even though they may never get to meet you.

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WordPress is a great platform for such websites

  • Allows flexibility of design, both front and backend
  • Easy to manage on a daily basis
  • Has decent plugins for ecommerce
  • Easy to create separate areas for blog posts and static pages
  • Integrates well with social media

An amazing project for an amazing person.

Do you have a story to tell? Are your parents or grandparents aging and you would like to save their thoughts, their ambitions, their successes and their struggles for your children to read?

Call Beth and arrange a one-on-one session with her. She will be delighted to help.

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