How about some coffee

A large distributor of coffee beans and equipment wanted to revamp their Magento ecommerce platform. They wanted a more informative website for the consumer and a better reporting mechanism for the company.

They were already using Magento, a very elaborate, complex and powerful ecommerce platform. We worked with the client to redesign the website, integrate the new design into Magento and then work on the backend to maximize each and every admin function.

This project lasted almost six months and we are proud to have participated in such a massive overhaul.

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Why Magento?

  • The most elaborate ecommerce platform out there
  • Can be adapted to almost any kind of ecommerce application
  • Lots of premium extensions available
  • Very receptive to customization

As your business grows, your requirements change. Your customer’s expectations change. The technology changes. Accordingly you need to redesign and update your website. It’s disruptive and a headache but the end result is better functionality, better customer service and greater profitability.

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