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eBay listing Product Data Entry Services:

More than 157 million users, 25 million sellers over 800 million items listed, 250+ million daily searches – you get the point right? eBay is a huge worldwide marketplace. Listing your products on eBay means you have a better chance of being discovered and selling your products. The searchers / users on eBay are not browsing for leisure. They are active shoppers looking for products. Who wouldn’t want to get in front of them.

If you are reading this article, you most likely need help with getting your products listed on eBay. Many merchants, especially small businesses don’t have the manpower to spare to do data entry. They have the products that they believe people on eBay would be interested in but they simply don’t have the time or personnel to do it for them. That’s where Interloper, Inc can come to your rescue. 

Interloper Inc. has been offering eBay listing services for over 10 years now, and we have extensive experience working with a variety of clients from different verticals, including, but not limited to, sports, computer parts, electronics, apparel, handicrafts, luxury watches, home accessories, ceiling fans, electric lights, and more. Our experienced and superbly trained eBay data entry team is available to assist you 24/7, and we are experts at using eBay listing software such as Turbo Lister, Auctiva, Vendio and others.

  • Product Research/Category Management: We make sure that we put your products in the categories/sub-categories that match them best, and offers your customers ease of selection.
  • eBay Product Listing: We are equally at ease uploading just a few products or thousands of products through manual data entry or automated processes.
  • Custom Product Titles/Descriptions Tailor-Made for Your Product: We make sure that each product is assigned a unique title and unique description that showcases the product best (no generic titles here!). We ensure that we make your product-related content keyword rich and search engine friendly so as to ensure better search engine visibility and increased sales.
  • eBay Product Upload/Expertise In Using Listing Software: Our eBay product upload services include providing you with a team that is well versed in using listing software such as Turbo Lister, Auctiva, Vendio and and can list your items as auction or fixed priced items.
    • Manual Data Entry: For most smaller merchants we do manual data entry. They don’t have a very large number of products to benefit from automation.
    • Turbo Lister: We use tools such as Turbolister to create professional looking eBay store listings and to upload/edit multiple item specifics.
    • Auctiva: We are experienced at using Auctiva, and the related auction management tools, templates, image hosting and online scheduling capabilities to ensure your auctions are easier to setup, and more profitable!
    • Vendio: We understand you probably do not want to put all your eggs in one basket, and want to make sure you list your items on Amazon as well along with eBay – and here at Interloper, Inc, we use the right software to make that process easier. An example would be Vendio, which allows a tightly integrated eBay/Amazon order management and inventory management software along with a free online store with Facebook access; and all this just from ONE interface!
    • eBay API: Using the eBay API, we can create custom code to synchronize your product database with eBay to make sure your ebay listings are based only on items that you have in stock or your drop shippers have them in stock and can fill the order.
  • Image Editing/Cropping: We understand the importance of attractive images that catch the user’s attention, and offer various image editing services such as resizing, cropping, removing unwanted backgrounds, adding watermarks, and more – which enhance the viewing experience of the online shopper, and have been shown to increase sales. We make sure to use the gallery tool, as well as upload multiple images/views for the benefit of the end user.
  • eBay Price Research: We make sure to research average (market) prices for your product to make sure you are selling your products at a competitive rate.
  • eBay Product Research: We research intensively to find the best products and the best selling margins for you – and thus ensure you make the best profits possible for any given listing.
  • eBay Competitor Research: We research your competitors for any given product thoroughly, and analyze their item listings, bids, store sizes and many other factors. This, then allows us to understand how they are making good sales on certain items – and thus implement those very tactics into your selling campaign as well!
  • eBay Order Processing: We help you with processing your orders in order to ensure quick and timely processing.
  • eBay Inventory Management: We make sure that you are kept aware of your products quantity and availability, as well as turnaround time which assist in calculating accurate shipping times.

Contact us for a free quote and discuss your specific requirements. Maybe you are new to eBay and just want a few items listed. Maybe you have a few hundreds, maybe thousands. We can help you. Let’s talk.

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    • Yes we can help list them manually or automate the process. Fill out our contact form and tell us more about your business. The more you share with us, the better we can assist.

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