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Why are my eBay listings showing ‘See Full Item Description’ button?’ and how to fix

A very large number of eBay sellers are seeing only a two line description on their listings and then a button that says ‘See Full Item Description’. The rest of their description including text and images have vanished. If you click on the ‘See Full Item Description’ button, then the complete description shows up on a separate page.

Wondering why is that? See eBay’s response on this subject:

Why are my eBay listings showing See Full Item Description and how to fix
Why are my eBay listings showing See Full Item Description and how to fix

What’s the fix?

If you have images in your description or table or anything that is trying to pull in data from another website, for example, your own website, and if that link is not https, then as ebay explains, this problem arises because of the Google implementation. The fix is easy but time consuming. Replace the http with https and save the listing again, and now your listing will show the full item description. However; if you don’t have the time or have a large number of listings, then you need to hire companies like us (InterloperInc.com) to go through your listings and fix them. If you have thousands of listings, then we may write a script to go through all your website and fix the URLs on your website and also on your listings.

We can help with eBay listings, templates, stores and automation
eBay issues? We can help

Fix eBay Store & Product Template for compliance with eBay Rules

Have you received an email from eBay about your eBay store or product template? Ebay is getting stricter and imposing it’s policies and unless you bring your eBay store and product template / product listings in compliance with eBay rules, they will start imposing restrictions and even account suspension.

We work with clients and help them with their eBay stores. We will fix your eBay store and product template as per eBay rules and bring it in compliance with eBay’s rules to avoid getting de-listed or suspended. Ebay has started enforcing it’s new rules and it is best to comply. We will go through your store design as well as product template and see what is and what is not in compliance and fix accordingly.

Fill out the contact form or call us and let’s get started.


Should I participate in Ebay’s Global Shipping Program

Among developing countries, USA has one of the lowest prices on technology products. It is a big market with a lot of competition and accordingly prices are lower. Also being a very big market, you may tend to find variations of products that are not easily available overseas. The cost of shipping overseas is prohibitive though, especially for small merchants who are shipping 1 or 2 items at a time. Large merchants, for them they can ship via container loads and freight cost is not that big of an issue for them, but for small merchants, the shipping cost makes their products expensive to the international clientele.

Lets say your item costs $100 and shipping is $120. To the customer, the total cost is $220. That makes your products very expensive to overseas customers.

Ebay understood this and so did Pitney Bowes. They joined hands and started a program called ‘Ebay’s Global Shipping Program’ and it has been a big boon for small merchants. We all know Pitney Bowes as the manufacturer of stamping machines and mail sorters but this has been a very smart move for both companies. The more Sellers sell on eBay, the more eBay makes in commissions.

Under the Ebay Global Shipping Program, merchants ship their products to a warehouse in Erlanger, Kentucky. They don’t need to do any complex paperwork. To the merchant it is a regular US destination shipment. Once Ebay receives the box, they do the paperwork and ship it to the destination country by air cargo. Ebay ships in bulk and passes on part of that saving to the merchant. Everybody wins.

So to the end user, instead of paying $220 in the earlier example, he may be paying only $20 to $30 in shipping. With no extra effort, all of a sudden your prices are more competitive. Bottom Line – increased sales and greater profitability.

Ebay global shipping program
Ebay global shipping program

I hope Amazon starts a similar program because that will really help small businesses grow their international business. For now, make sure you make good use of the Ebay Global Shipping Program. It’s an easy way to increase sales.

Good Luck!

eBay Data Entry | eBay Product Upload | eBay Listing Services

eBay listing Product Data Entry Services:

More than 157 million users, 25 million sellers over 800 million items listed, 250+ million daily searches – you get the point right? eBay is a huge worldwide marketplace. Listing your products on eBay means you have a better chance of being discovered and selling your products. The searchers / users on eBay are not browsing for leisure. They are active shoppers looking for products. Who wouldn’t want to get in front of them.

If you are reading this article, you most likely need help with getting your products listed on eBay. Many merchants, especially small businesses don’t have the manpower to spare to do data entry. They have the products that they believe people on eBay would be interested in but they simply don’t have the time or personnel to do it for them. That’s where Interloper, Inc can come to your rescue. 

Interloper Inc. has been offering eBay listing services for over 10 years now, and we have extensive experience working with a variety of clients from different verticals, including, but not limited to, sports, computer parts, electronics, apparel, handicrafts, luxury watches, home accessories, ceiling fans, electric lights, and more. Our experienced and superbly trained eBay data entry team is available to assist you 24/7, and we are experts at using eBay listing software such as Turbo Lister, Auctiva, Vendio and others.

  • Product Research/Category Management: We make sure that we put your products in the categories/sub-categories that match them best, and offers your customers ease of selection.
  • eBay Product Listing: We are equally at ease uploading just a few products or thousands of products through manual data entry or automated processes.
  • Custom Product Titles/Descriptions Tailor-Made for Your Product: We make sure that each product is assigned a unique title and unique description that showcases the product best (no generic titles here!). We ensure that we make your product-related content keyword rich and search engine friendly so as to ensure better search engine visibility and increased sales.
  • eBay Product Upload/Expertise In Using Listing Software: Our eBay product upload services include providing you with a team that is well versed in using listing software such as Turbo Lister, Auctiva, Vendio and and can list your items as auction or fixed priced items.
    • Manual Data Entry: For most smaller merchants we do manual data entry. They don’t have a very large number of products to benefit from automation.
    • Turbo Lister: We use tools such as Turbolister to create professional looking eBay store listings and to upload/edit multiple item specifics.
    • Auctiva: We are experienced at using Auctiva, and the related auction management tools, templates, image hosting and online scheduling capabilities to ensure your auctions are easier to setup, and more profitable!
    • Vendio: We understand you probably do not want to put all your eggs in one basket, and want to make sure you list your items on Amazon as well along with eBay – and here at Interloper, Inc, we use the right software to make that process easier. An example would be Vendio, which allows a tightly integrated eBay/Amazon order management and inventory management software along with a free online store with Facebook access; and all this just from ONE interface!
    • eBay API: Using the eBay API, we can create custom code to synchronize your product database with eBay to make sure your ebay listings are based only on items that you have in stock or your drop shippers have them in stock and can fill the order.
  • Image Editing/Cropping: We understand the importance of attractive images that catch the user’s attention, and offer various image editing services such as resizing, cropping, removing unwanted backgrounds, adding watermarks, and more – which enhance the viewing experience of the online shopper, and have been shown to increase sales. We make sure to use the gallery tool, as well as upload multiple images/views for the benefit of the end user.
  • eBay Price Research: We make sure to research average (market) prices for your product to make sure you are selling your products at a competitive rate.
  • eBay Product Research: We research intensively to find the best products and the best selling margins for you – and thus ensure you make the best profits possible for any given listing.
  • eBay Competitor Research: We research your competitors for any given product thoroughly, and analyze their item listings, bids, store sizes and many other factors. This, then allows us to understand how they are making good sales on certain items – and thus implement those very tactics into your selling campaign as well!
  • eBay Order Processing: We help you with processing your orders in order to ensure quick and timely processing.
  • eBay Inventory Management: We make sure that you are kept aware of your products quantity and availability, as well as turnaround time which assist in calculating accurate shipping times.

Contact us for a free quote and discuss your specific requirements. Maybe you are new to eBay and just want a few items listed. Maybe you have a few hundreds, maybe thousands. We can help you. Let’s talk.

eBay listing services

eBay related services:

eBay is where the customers are. It’s like opening a store in a mall.
Customers are there already with the intent to buy and you get the opportunity
to present your products to them. The more customer exposure you give your
products, the better your chances of making a sale. Some of the customers you
make on eBay will buy directly from you in the future saving you on eBay

How can we help you?

  1. Listing Products on eBay:

    Starting from $6.50 an hour, we can help you list products on eBay remotely. You provide pictures, prices and descriptions and we can format and list them on eBay. We can even write the
    description if available on the internet.Saves you money. Helps you sell more at a lesser cost. Improves your profit
  2. eBay templates:

    Need a custom eBay template? If you are
    listing quite a few products, it is best to have a template that you use for
    all your products. It allows you to present all your products in a uniform
    cohesive manner. We can develop product templates starting from $150.
  3. eBay stores:
    eBay allows it’s larger users to setup a full store on eBay. Many businesses
    prefer to have their eBay store look like their website to offer their
    customers the same consistent look and feel. We can build you an eBay store starting from $450. If your requirements are very specific, we can also develop custom
  4. Custom work:
    For any custom work, we charge a flat $25/hour.
  5. Automatic product uploads:

    If you just have a few products, then manual listings is not a problem.
    But when you go big time, manual is time consuming and expensive. We
    automate the process for you and make you more efficient. Your inventory
    is synchronized daily so if something is out of stock, it is removed from
    eBay. Helps avoid negative feedback. Cost depends on your ecommerce platform
    and the complexity of your listings.
  6. Automatic download of orders:

    We automate the process and download order data from PayPal or eBay and
    enter it straight into your system. All you do is review and process. A
    big time saver. Custom work charges apply as every ecommerce platform is
  7. Upload to multiple shopping portals in addition to eBay:
    If you would like to maximize all possible opportunities to promote your
    products, it is best to list your products on multiple shopping portals in
    addition to eBay. See
    Shopping Portals Command Center
    for more details on this service.

What would you like to start with?

Fill out the contact form or call us. You’ll be glad you did!

eBay image resizing

eBay image resizing:

eBay’s research shows that having images improved sales by 5%. eBay
wants sellers to ideally have images with the longest side 1600 pixels.
The minimum however is 500 pixels on the longest side. They have been
advising sellers to change their image sizes to correspond to the new
rules by July 1, 2013. Listings that don’t have the right sized images
will be deleted.
ebay image resizing services, ebay image,policy,requirements,restrictions,

If you are a seller on eBay, that is not good news.If you have a few
listings, changing image dimensions is not that big a deal. However; if
you have hundreds and thousands of images, it is simply impractical to
do it manually besides being extremely expensive. That’s where we come
in. Through the use of eBay API, we download your images, resize them
and then upload them.

Would you like us to resize your images? Fill the contact form in the
top right corner, leave your contact email and/or telephone number and
we will quote you. Don’t forget to mention how many listings you have.

Shopping Portals

Shopping Portals

Every business wants to increase sales. You can increase sales by selling
more to existing customers and also by acquiring new customers. Acquiring new
customers is not easy. One important element is to get in front of prospects.
The more people get to see you, the better your chances of making a sale.

How do we get in front of more prospects? By showing up where the customers

Stay in control of your shopping feeds - upload products to Google Shopping, rakuten.com, Amazon.com, Shopzilla, Price Grabber, Shopping.com, eBay, etsy, Sears.com and others.
Shopping Portal Command Center

What does that mean? In the conventional marketplace, a business’s chances of
success are better in malls or streets with high foot traffic. The same thing in
the online world. You need to have a presence where the customers are.

Where do shoppers congregate online? Some people prefer to use search engines
to find the products and services they need. Others frequent shopping portals
where hundreds and thousands of merchants have their wares on display. For
example, ebay, Amazon, Rakuten etc. There are about a dozen such shopping

If you have just a few products, listed them on multiple shopping portals is
not a big deal. But if you have hundreds and thousands of products, it can
become a very time consuming process and will drain your resources. Products
change daily, so does stock on hand and prices. Trying to keep your products
updated on so many sites is tough – very tough. That’s where we come in to the

We have developed a ‘Shopping Portals Command Center (SPCC) ‘ that puts you
in control. The SPCC downloads all product data from your e-commerce system /
shopping cart and creates data feeds. These data feeds are then uploaded to the
various shopping portals. You are in total control. If on certain dates, you
don’t want to uploade data feeds to the portals, you don’t upload them. If you
only want to upload to select sites, you may do so.

Can’t remember when you uploaded data, the SPCC remembers. You need to make
portal specific notes for reference? SPCC provides you a field for your own
internal notes.

Are we the only ones offering such a service? No. There are others doing the
same but for larger companies. Most such services are targeted towards bigger
companies and range in price from $700 to $1500 / month. At Interloper, Inc., we
have our focus on small and mid sized businesses and our services are priced

The ‘Shopping Portals Command Center (SPCC) ‘ is priced at $695. It is a one
time charge. We custom install it for each client. We map your database to all
the shopping portals you are interested in then put you in command.

To order, call us or fill out the contact form and we can send you an

Looking forward to doing business with you.