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eBay image resizing

eBay image resizing:

eBay’s research shows that having images improved sales by 5%. eBay
wants sellers to ideally have images with the longest side 1600 pixels.
The minimum however is 500 pixels on the longest side. They have been
advising sellers to change their image sizes to correspond to the new
rules by July 1, 2013. Listings that don’t have the right sized images
will be deleted.
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If you are a seller on eBay, that is not good news.If you have a few
listings, changing image dimensions is not that big a deal. However; if
you have hundreds and thousands of images, it is simply impractical to
do it manually besides being extremely expensive. That’s where we come
in. Through the use of eBay API, we download your images, resize them
and then upload them.

Would you like us to resize your images? Fill the contact form in the
top right corner, leave your contact email and/or telephone number and
we will quote you. Don’t forget to mention how many listings you have.