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Shopping Portals

Shopping Portals

Every business wants to increase sales. You can increase sales by selling
more to existing customers and also by acquiring new customers. Acquiring new
customers is not easy. One important element is to get in front of prospects.
The more people get to see you, the better your chances of making a sale.

How do we get in front of more prospects? By showing up where the customers

Stay in control of your shopping feeds - upload products to Google Shopping, rakuten.com, Amazon.com, Shopzilla, Price Grabber, Shopping.com, eBay, etsy, Sears.com and others.
Shopping Portal Command Center

What does that mean? In the conventional marketplace, a business’s chances of
success are better in malls or streets with high foot traffic. The same thing in
the online world. You need to have a presence where the customers are.

Where do shoppers congregate online? Some people prefer to use search engines
to find the products and services they need. Others frequent shopping portals
where hundreds and thousands of merchants have their wares on display. For
example, ebay, Amazon, Rakuten etc. There are about a dozen such shopping

If you have just a few products, listed them on multiple shopping portals is
not a big deal. But if you have hundreds and thousands of products, it can
become a very time consuming process and will drain your resources. Products
change daily, so does stock on hand and prices. Trying to keep your products
updated on so many sites is tough – very tough. That’s where we come in to the

We have developed a ‘Shopping Portals Command Center (SPCC) ‘ that puts you
in control. The SPCC downloads all product data from your e-commerce system /
shopping cart and creates data feeds. These data feeds are then uploaded to the
various shopping portals. You are in total control. If on certain dates, you
don’t want to uploade data feeds to the portals, you don’t upload them. If you
only want to upload to select sites, you may do so.

Can’t remember when you uploaded data, the SPCC remembers. You need to make
portal specific notes for reference? SPCC provides you a field for your own
internal notes.

Are we the only ones offering such a service? No. There are others doing the
same but for larger companies. Most such services are targeted towards bigger
companies and range in price from $700 to $1500 / month. At Interloper, Inc., we
have our focus on small and mid sized businesses and our services are priced

The ‘Shopping Portals Command Center (SPCC) ‘ is priced at $695. It is a one
time charge. We custom install it for each client. We map your database to all
the shopping portals you are interested in then put you in command.

To order, call us or fill out the contact form and we can send you an

Looking forward to doing business with you.