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Social Media and PR are like Smores

Have you been trying to use one of the many social media platforms to no avail? This does not mean you are doing something wrong, you are just not doing everything you can. If you use only Facebook or Instagram to promote your services, you are not using the potential of PR.

Social media and PR should go hand in hand in order to bring optimal results for your business. Experts have proven that this strategy will boost visibility tenfold. Just like smores. You can eat the crackers and chocolate separately, but adding some marshmallows will create a deliciously sweet combination.

So, let us show you how to make smores aka how to use social media and PR to get more business. Here is the list of ingredients:

  1. Graham crackers

  2. Milk chocolate

  3. Marshmallows.

Graham crackers are the foundation of our smores, so for our intents and purposes, they are equivalent to your business. The crackers alone are not that attractive, so add some more ingredients.

Chocolate equals social media. It definitely sweetens the deal. We live in a day and age when social media presence is required of businesses. Not being present there could mean you do not exist for over 2 billion social media users. So, pick a platform you are comfortable with and engage with your audience as much as possible. Using its full potential takes some getting used to but you can get the basics down easily enough. There are so many helpful tools available that there should be no excuse.

Marshmallows are PR. Why are smores so special? The marshmallows add a certain kick to smores that is quite special. Think of it as the PR of your business. You may be doing good work but do you have a good selling point as well? In this case, use PR as a form of free publicity. Your visibility will grow and improve much faster than using just one technique. Start small by contacting your local media and explain a newsworthy event. Why, what, where, when, how did it happen? Why is it important? Write your piece and send it to the right person in your publication or media outlet of choice. Make sure it is relevant to their publication, has a good title that will hook the editor/reader and that’s pretty much it.

To resume Graham crackers + Chocolate + Marshmallows = Smores

The final step is to eat the smores. Or, better yet have your customers eat it. If they like it, chances are they will come back for more. They might even recommend it to their friends. And you will have more business that you hoped for.

We are pretty sure you got the point by now, but let us repeat it just in case. Connect with your audience on social media, connect with the editors that publish your press releases. Build a strong relationship with them. If you need more help with your social media strategy or pitching your PR to media, check out our other articles on the topic. You can also feel free to contact us for extra advice. We’d be happy to help! We love smores too!

We hope this article was helpful. Good luck!