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Why will it take three weeks

Why would it take 3 weeks? It looks like a one week project to me.

That’s one of the question clients quite often ask us, it can be a one week, two weeks or a 10-week project. Sometimes the client is right, it is a one week project but what the client does not realize is that developers are not idle, they are not unemployed, they can’t leave everything and start working 100% now on your project. So when you give a project to a freelancing company, they have to reschedule and adjust their developer’s time to squeeze you in and in the first few days, your project would get less time compared to whatever they are currently working on and as that ebbs off, your project will start getting more time. You’ve got to understand that developers have to juggle multiple jobs.

Sometimes the client says “No no, I want you to dedicate 100% off your time to me. Well, even if that could happen, the project manager will say, “Okay we can do that, but you have to guarantee it”. You can’t make us drop everything and work for you and after 10 days say ‘Oh I’ve changed my mind, I need to do this after two months, put a hold on it!’ If you do that, what is he going to do with his developers now? You must guarantee then and pay up in full.

So you’ve got to understand the other side, whether it is an individual freelancer or a freelancing /outsourcing company. This is how they make their living by renting their time, and unless you can guarantee it, they cannot give you exclusive either and even if they can give you exclusive, that would be after a certain number of days, so approach outsourcing with the mindset that your developer or your Virtual Assistant or your SEO specialist whatever you are outsourcing, they will manage your account along with two or three other projects, that’s the nature of this industry. I hope that helps.

Good Luck!