Mindbodyonline with InfusionSoft Integration

Mindbodyonline.com or MBO makes software for the fitness industry and is popular worldwide with fitness trainers and fitness centers. They provide all kinds of modules from signing up members, to charging their credit cards to scheduling to fitness Apps.

InfusionSoft is a sales and marketing automation software that is popular with small businesses who want to have an ongoing relationship with clients through mailing lists, newsletters and special promotions. It has many other features including a shopping cart.

Many fitness centers / coaches like to use Mindbodyonline.com to manage their members but need a tool or software that will help them nurture their relationship with their members and also to grow their business. For this purpose they like to use InfusionSoft but would also like to link it with MindBodyOnline to avoid time consuming and error prone manual data entry of member data from one to the other.

That’s where we come in the picture. For InfusionSoft to talk to Mindbodyonline, we need to integrate their respective API’s. A bit tricky but with skill and patience it can be done. If you have such a need, fill out the contact form or call us. We can certainly help you.

Mindbodyonline with InfusionSoft Integration
Mindbodyonline with InfusionSoft Integration


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