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How to secure your WordPress site?

WordPress security is often referred to as “hardening.”. After all, the process is like adding reinforcements to your castle. It’s all about securing the gates and putting guards on every tower for better monitoring and protection against external threats.

WordPress is the most popular blogging and CMS tool on the Internet. Part of its popularity is its ease of use. That is exactly what makes it a prime target for hackers. Do you have a WordPress blog or website? Then this article will help you. None of these solutions guarantee 100% protection but some protection is always better than no protection against hackers, viruses, malware, adware and ransomware.

Tips for better WordPress security:

  1. Keep your WordPress site and plugins up-to-date. Consider Automatic Core Updates. This is very simple and there are plugins like WP Updates and others to help you.
  2. You may want to create a child theme before making any changes to your functions.php file.
  3. If somebody is offering Premium (Paid) plugins for free, don’t buy/download them. Quite often they would be modified and infected with malware.
  4. Keep Track of Dashboard Activity. This is also great for security because it allows you to connect the dots between a specific action and a specific reaction. So, if a certain uploaded file caused your site to break, you can investigate it further to see if it contained malicious code. Suggested plugin: WP Security Audit Log
  5. Avoid using the admin username of ‘admin’ and you must use strong passwords
  6. Pick the Best Hosting You Can Afford. Good hosting companies have strong protection of their own and you are less vulnerable.
  7. Spam Protection. For Comment Spam, a good plugin is Akismet. For form spam, a good plugin is SI Captcha.
  8. Clean your site – remove unnecessary files, plugins, themes and older backups.
  9. Use a good security monitoring software like Wordfence or LifeLock. There are others too. Some have a free basic version and a more robust paid version.
  10. Do daily backups through your hosting company or a third party service. If you get hacked, you can recover using your backups. No backup, no recovery.

I hope this helps.

Do you have some additional suggestions? Feel free to mention them in the comments below.

Stay Safe!

WordPress Designers and Developers – Dallas DFW Area North Texas USA

WordPress Developers

Dallas – DFW metroplex – North Texas USA

Dallas DFW North Texas USA - Brochure style informative website in WordPress.

Informational website in WordPress

WordPress is one of the most versatile platform for developing informational or brochure type websites. It has competitors like Joomla and Drupal and some minor ones but over the last 10 years it has become the platform of choice for making websites, blogs, membership sites, and even light ecommerce. You can do pretty much anything in WordPress, from a simple one page website site to a multi-page, multi-user, multi-language website. 

Like most open source software, the core WordPress platform is free. However; some add-on modules called plugins have to be paid for.

WordPress is popular all over the world, from Dallas, Texas, USA to Melbourne, Australia to Manchester, UK.

Dallas DFW North Texas USA - Brochure style informative website in WordPress for a Health and Fitness business

Health & Fitness website in WordPress

Are you planning on a new website in WordPress? Call or email us and we’ll be glad to design a professional website for your business.

Dallas DFW North Texas area developers - Salon site developed in WordPress

Custom design – Salon website developed in WordPress

WordPress is very flexible. It can be adapted for multiple type of businesses from health spas to hair salons, from restaurants to sports clubs. 

Ecommerce site for Pakistani Clothing developed in WordPress WooCommerce Dallas DFW North Texas USA

Ecommerce site developed in WordPress

Do you plan on having a website developed? Maybe you have a website but would like it professionally redesigned. That’s where we at Interloper, Inc. can come in handy. We have specialist designers and developers and we can design and develop any kind of website for you from informational to ecommerce. We cover them all.

Ecommerce shoe store site developed in WordPress WooCommerce Dallas DFW North Texas area USA

Shoe store in WordPress

Sometimes you may look at competitors websites and they look beautiful and generate more business. You wish your website looked that good and delivered results. Now you can have a great looking website without breaking the bank. Call or email us. You’ll be glad you did.

Generally we first assign you one of our creative designers who works with you to put together a design that reflects your vision for your website, looks elegant and professional and most importantly meets the expectations of the type of customers you are trying to attract. After that, we hand it over to our developers to integrate the design into the backend and incorporate all the necessary functionalities. 

Growth pattern of US ecommerce sales

Real Estate website with MLS listings in WordPress

One advice we give to all companies, especially small businesses is that you should let your website reflect your personality and your values. If you have a friendly conversational type of personality, then let your website reflect that. If you are selling premium products, then make sure you website does not look cheap. If you are focused on a certain demographic, then make sure your website attracts them.

WordPress blog - coaches website - DFW North Texas

WordPress Blog – Coaches – Consultants 

Interloper, Inc. is an I.T. company focused on small business. We are based in the Dallas area (DFW) of North Texas, USA but do business worldwide. Our roots are in design and development and it continues to be the strongest part of our business. We believe a neatly put together website leaves a positive and professional impression on your clients and extends your reach beyond the local marketplace.

What are the keys to an effective website?

1. Function – it must operate smoothly both for the customer and for the administrator.
2. Visual appeal – design is important. A visually appealing website establishes credibility and makes the customer feel more comfortable about the company and it’s products.
3. User experience – Make it easy for a customer to find the information he needs, make it easy for him to place an order and build a follow up mechanism to stay in touch with the customer so he feels reassured that he is in good hands.

Let us help you make the most of your WordPress website and do more business at a lower cost. Translation – greater profitability. Call or email us.

We can also help you build customer follow up functionalities for your WordPress website that builds customer loyalty and can generate additional revenues.

For future maintenance also, you don’t have to advertise and spend precious time going over resumes. You just let us know and we will provide the right WordPress resources. Your job gets done economically, without hassle and on time while you focus on doing what you do best – running your business.

Another service that we offer our Ecommerce clients is creating and uploading product feeds to Google Shopping, Rakuten.com, eBay, Amazon, Shopzilla, Price Grabber, Shopping.com and Sears.com. The more customer exposure you give your products, the better the chances of making a sale. Whether you are based in the Dallas / DFW area of North Texas, USA or elsewhere in the world, thanks to the internet, we can help you with your WordPress site.  Give us a call – you’ll be glad you did!