Our transcription services are utilized by two types of clients:

  1. Those who have audio or video recordings and need to convert them to text for various purposes.
    This is easy to explain as many businesses like medical, legal, education etc. have meetings, conferences, lectures etc. that need to be converted to text form and saved as documents. We simply take your audio / video files and convert them to text and send you the pdf.
  2. Content Developers.
    This is a bit more involved. Here again we have two type of client requirements:

    1. Product content:
      In this case the client identifies his products and pictures and we write the content for their products and upload it to their ecommerce system.
    2. Blog Content: Businesses need content for their websites especially for their blogs. Sometimes our clients ask us to write on a specific subject a whole series of articles. We can do that. At other times, the client gives us a list of points and we expand on that. But one of the most effective ways to develop content is to record your thoughts and send us the audio. We transcribe it, find relevant royalty free images and upload them to your blog. We can even promote the content for you.Using our transcription service for content creation is in our opinion one of the best methods of rapidly developing content for your website.
      Transcription Services for content development
      Transcription Services
      1. It is easy. You can record using a smart phone, your laptop, or any inexpensive sound recorder.
      2. It is quick. Talk and then email us the audio file.
      3. It is portable. You can be traveling or even commuting and record your thoughts and ideas. When you reach office, simply send us the file.
      4. Saves you time as we do the research in finding royalty free images and uploading to your blog.

        Transcription Services for content development
        Transcription Services

So how can we help you? Call us or fill out the contact form and let’s talk.


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