Ecommerce Developers in Dallas, TX

The success of your ecommerce business will largely depend on how well your site looks and how smoothly it functions. If you are a serious business, then you must have professionals design and develop your ecommerce website.

The way we will approach your project is to first assign you one of our creative designers who will work with you to put together a design that reflects your vision for your website, looks elegant and professional and most importantly meets the expectations of the type of customers you are trying to attract. During this process we may go back and forth several times to get the design just right. Good design should establish brand identity, credibility, be in line with current trends and technologies, drive your call to action and give you a competitive advantage.

Once design is finalized, we will hand it over to our developer to integrate the design into the backend and incorporate all the necessary functionalities. We do it this way because you get better results by putting specialists on the job rather than letting one person do everything.

Ecommerce Developers Dallas, TX, USA
Ecommerce Developers – Dallas, TX, USA

Do you currently have a team of Ecommerce Developers and Designers? If not, give us a call and let’s talk. We are based in Dallas, TX, USA but support ecommerce websites worldwide.

Ecommerce Success
Ecommerce Success – Happy Customers

When looking for Ecommerce Developers, check their website for a portfolio of their work or case studies of their previous work. This will give you a glimpse into their skills, talents and experience. Some may have worked on similar projects, others may not but maybe they are quite capable of doing so?

The next step is to decide which shopping cart you want to use. Choose carefully as this cart will be essential for the success of your online store. Options include Magento, Shopify, Bigcommerce, OpenCart, OSCommerce, X-Cart or a custom ecommerce solution. Make sure your developer is familiar with the shopping cart system you want.

Ecommerce Platforms
Ecommerce Platforms

It is actually better if you first hire a company, let them understand your business, your industry and competition and then together decide which ecommerce platform is best for you. That way everyone is on the same page. Just because your friend raves about Shopify or Magento does not mean you should have the same cart. They all have their strengths and let your developer and you figure out what will be best for your shop.

Work closely with your ecommerce developers during the design and the function phases and test. It is better that you discover the bugs rather than your customers.

There are three factors to consider before you hire a design/development team for your ecommerce website: quality, price and time. If you want quality work to be done in a timely manner, you need to be prepared to pay well. And consider keeping your developer on your payroll for some time to do periodic updates and make any necessary changes.

When it comes to developing an ecommerce website, you need a team that is focused and experienced in providing companies with professional web design and developing ecommerce solutions.

At Interloper Inc., our roots are in E-Commerce and it continues to be the strongest part of our business. We ensure that your site is SEO ready, analytics and site map plugins are installed, payment and shipping integration is in place, and it has all the components necessary to conduct ecommerce in a safe and efficient manner.

Later on, when your site is up and running, as a separate project, you may want us to build you customer follow up functionalities that build customer loyalty and generates additional revenues.

For future maintenance also, you don’t have to advertise and spend precious time going over resumes. You just let us know and we provide the right resource. Your job gets done economically, without hassle and on time while you focus on doing what you do best – running your business.

Later on, if you like, we can also create and upload product data feeds to, Google Shopping, Rakuten, eBay, Amazon,, Shopzilla, Price Grabber,, and The more customer exposure you give your products, the better the chances of making a sale.

Fill out the contact form or give us a call and let’s talk.

Ecommerce Developers Dallas, TX, USA
Ecommerce Developers in Dallas, TX, USA

Ebay Listing Tips

Are you selling on eBay? If not, why not? Ebay is the online equivalent of a conventional shopping mall where buyers and sellers meet. Merchants covet a shop in a mall because they don’t have to make a considerable effort in drawing foot traffic. The collective effort of the various shopkeepers and the mall management generates foot traffic. When there are so many shoppers in one place, the chances of them stopping by at your store and look at your wares goes up too. Accordingly your chances of making a sale.

Ebay is like your local shopping mall, multiplied many times over. It’s not only a national marketplace, it is also an international marketplace. No matter how small a company you are, you can be selling to buyers around the world. Ebay even provides a shipping solution that is less expensive than FedEx / UPS etc.

Now that we have convinced you that selling on eBay is a great way to ramp up sales, or maybe you are already selling on eBay, let’s help you improve your strategy to make the most of it.

How to Improve Visibility of Listings on eBay

Just like Google, eBay’s search is designed with algorithms that give higher rankings to some listings over others. If your listings are done right, you have a better chance of showing up favorably in searches versus buried on the 35th page. Remember eBay is competitive, and you have hundreds, if not thousands, of competitors to compete with. Yes there are more shoppers on eBay but at the same time there are more sellers.

Ebay Listing Tips - how to sell more on ebay
Ebay Listing Tips

It is possible to be atop of eBay search results if you understand the platform. Taking care of the following will increase the visibility of your products on eBay:

Catchy Title:

Give your products catchy titles. e.g. instead of just saying blue shawl, you can say ‘Bright Blue Shawl studded with mirrors makes you shine’.

Detailed Descriptions:

Give as much detail as you can. Search results are dependent on these. Explain your product, give testimonials if possible, include videos, supporting documents, anything that will make it easy for the buyer to get comfortable with your product and make an informed decision.

Add Photo Gallery:

Ebay Listing Tips - how to sell more on ebay
Ebay Listing Tips

Post multiple pictures from different angles in different settings if possible. Even though they cannot touch it, it will make buyers feel comfortable with what you are selling. With multiple pictures, eBay search result will display your products from different angles and increase the likelihood of your item selling.

Offer Free Shipping:

Ebay advises sellers to offer free shipping on products especially during the holiday season. They say data shows shoppers are attracted by the offer of free shipping. Products that are shipped for free also get better visibility in searches.

List your items for longer terms:

When your items keep appearing in search results every day, more buyers will have a chance to see your products and either buy or add them to their watch list. They may not be ready to buy today but maybe they are going to get paid in two weeks and they may buy it then.

Add Alternative Spellings:

After giving your products the correct names, give them alternative names and spellings that may be common in other parts of the world. This will allow buyers who misspelled or have another name for the products to get it in search results.

Cross Sell:

Below the product description, create a section where you display some of your other products. Cross-selling helps you sell more products.

Best Match:

The best listings show up in eBay search as the Best Match. If your listing shows up as the Best Match, the chance of you getting the sale increases dramatically. Best matches take seller performance standards (SPS), recent search impressions (RSI), listing title, price, shipping offer, sell-through rate (STR), and top rated Seller (TRS) status into account.

Recent Sales:

Ebay also takes the number of sales into account. Recent sales made on a single listing can boost your search ranking. In case you have eBay store subscription, let the end date of the product be ‘Good Till Canceled. The idea is to make you continuously sell the product until it runs out of stock. The more you sell of an item, the better your ranking in search for that item.

Offer Competitive Pricing:

Try to offer great products at a competitive price. It’s an easy way to spur sales. After you have made 5-10 sales on a specific product, you may raise the price a little to balance profitability with sales.

Use GTC listing format:

Good ‘Til Canceled (GTC) listing is a fixed price format that is designed to be continuously renewed after each 30 days expiry. GTC is different from Fixed Price 30 day listing. Unlike FP 30 listing that ends after 30 days without renewal, GTC listing is renewed after every 30 days. One major function of GTC is that you can keep selling your listed products for a lengthy period until they run out of stock. Ebay algorithms give preference to GTC listing during product search.

Try using Auction to BIN strategy:

Using auction will generate extra traffic to your page and make you sell your BIN goods. With the new eBay rules, you can have 1 BIN listing and up to 14 Auctions. In this regard, if you have many products to sell, you can use auction listing occasionally, or once a day, to have your buyers alerted of a listing about to end. This will drive traffic to your store every day.

Promote your listing:

You can promote your listings on social media and send prospects straight to your product listings or eBay store.

How to make your listings look professional

Giving your products a professional look will boost your sales and may even increase you search rank. When you professionally list your products on eBay, customers will have confidence in you. You must do whatever you can to make your eBay store look well designed and professional and also your product template. This engenders confidence and trust along with good feedback.

Your product templates should include:

  1. Header: This will contain your logo, search bar, and navigation bar.

  2. Main picture: This will increase visibility and photographic description of your products.

  3. Description: it is necessary that any template you intend using have a description section.

  4. Bullet points: To make product description appear concise and precise.

  5. Sub-Headlines: Drives the key point.

  6. Additional Product Pictures: In case you have more pictures for the products you are listing, this section will give you the room to add them.

  7. Cross display: Have a sections where you can add your other products and boost their visibility.

  8. Payment Information: List the type of payments you accept.

  9. Shipping Information:

  10. Return Policy: Mention if you accept returns, if so within how many days and who pays for return shipping. Offering returns may boost your credibility.

If what you sell is in a competitive market but you don’t have a webmaster on staff to create a professional looking eBay store, outsource this task to a professional web developer like us. This will give you an edge over your competitors. A professionally designed eBay store will help generate more sales. At, we try to present your company and your products in the best possible manner and give you every edge that you need.

Call us or fill out the contact form and we will call you.

Ebay Store and Listing Help
Ebay Listing Help

Web Developer for Non-Profits

Web Developer for Non-Profits

Looking for web developers for your non-profit’s website. Before your hire one, here are some points to consider for discussion with your web developer.

  1. Non-profit websites are a bit different
    Although the mission and objectives are equally important in any industry, the focus for a non-profit website should be it’s mission, it’s programs, it’s achievements and how visitors to the website can participate through volunteering and monetary donations.

  2. Address the needy first:
    Many people who create websites for non-profits totally forget that those who are going to draw on support from the organization. Make sure you don’t make this mistake and clearly outline how those in need can benefit from the organization, where the different offices are, what the contact numbers are and similar.

    Sample website for non-profit charitable organization
    Amnesty International
  3. State your mission clearly
    Non-profit web design must deliver a clear and concise message to the world. The website must effectively communicate your mission and objectives. Whether you opt for a header, tagline or banner is up to your preference and what you agree with your web designers. However, do make sure it is there and clearly visible for your site visitors. If someone has stumbled upon your site, they must be able to see the purpose of your organization and the cause you are fighting for immediately. Spend some time drafting your mission statement and make sure your website reflects it well.

  4. Call to action / donations
    Your call to action for volunteers or call for donations for your cause must stand out in your website’s design. Below you will find examples of non-profits that have than an excellent job of putting this option in a prominent spot. Read on.

    Sample website for non-profit charitable organization
  5. Blog / News section
    Your website should help the organization gain new supporters while offering a platform for current supporters to stay informed and up to date. Incorporate a news section and update it frequently. This will also automatically improve your search engine ranking, bring you more traffic and give your hard work more exposure.

  6. Calendar of events
    Showcase your upcoming events prominently. It will help get more exposure for your activities and your supporters will always be aware of what activities you have planned for the future.

  7. Contact information
    Make it easy for journalists or other interested parties to find more information about your organization. Include contacts for all the members of the board.  Include press-ready quotes, both from members and directors as well as outsiders. Make it clear that journalists and other organizations may use these items in news coverage without contacting the organization for prior permission. Here are so examples of non-profit websites that do a good job of incorporating all the aforementioned:

If you already have a web developer that works with you, you may discuss the above points with him. If not, contact us and we will get you up and running with just the right balance for those seeking help and those willing to help.

In conclusion, non-profit websites need to be user friendly, responsive, easy to navigate, use the appropriate fonts, colors and design like any other website and they must also effectively communicate the mission and objectives of the non-profit as the website is a valuable tool that helps raise awareness of the cause and gets the community involved.

Sample website for non-profit charitable organization
Take the walk

We hope this article was helpful. Let us know what you think in the comments below.

Online Store Maintenance Specialists

You got a snazzy online store, you have started promoting it and business is coming in. Times are good. Congratulations!

By the way, who is maintaining your website? Anyone?

After hosting an online store, it is important to maintain it. Updating different segments on the store is an effective way of making your site look new to shoppers. Sites that are poorly maintained look outdated and untidy to customers, and therefore reduce their selling potential. Online store maintenance has to be part of your ecommerce strategy yet many merchants ignore it – quote often to the detriment of their business.

Benefits of Online Store Maintenance:

Online Store Maintenance
Online Store Maintenance

Site Security:

Regular updates of themes and plugins fight security attacks from hackers, scammers, viruses and many other nefarious entities. When you do routine maintenance of your store, you will be aware of possible threats and dangers, and take preventative measures beforehand.

A single breach can cause theft of confidential customer data, that in turn creates legal issues and also customers lose confidence in the business.

SEO maintenance:

Store maintenance should also include periodic SEO revitalization. Maintaining SEO through regular updates is necessary to maintain your ranking in search engines. Through regular maintenance, research new keywords and add them to your search term lists to improve internet accessibility. And don’t forget to adjust your SEO for voice based searches.

Online Store Maintenance
Online Store Maintenance

Regular maintenance should also include your social media sites, their integration with the website and making sure current content is posted regularly on the social properties of the company.

Increased Site Functionalities and User Friendliness:

Online shoppers are taking a risk when they go shopping and if for any reason they don’t feel secure, or they don’t see the information that they need or the shopping cart is too complicated, they abandon the site and go elsewhere. Abandoned shopping carts is a big issue for online merchants and one way of minimizing abandoned carts is to constantly monitor your online store and ensure that everything is working.

Some small business owners wonder why they need to maintain their store when it was working just fine 6 months ago. The reason is that the underlying software changes, the plugins change, the operating system changes and there are new security threats. If you don’t update regularly, soon you will have some sections of the webstore that no longer function. You may not know and be losing sales.

Upload Products to Marketplaces like Walmart, Amazon, Ebay, Google Shopping etc:

The more people see your products, the better your chances of making a sale. That is why savvy merchants list their products on marketplaces like Walmart, Amazon, Ebay, Google Shopping etc. However; unless you just have a handful of products, it becomes very difficult to manage and synchronize inventory across all these marketplaces. If you don’t, you may end up cancelling orders and that lowers your ratings. A good ecommerce specialist will help you use services like to upload inventory in bulk and synchronize across multiple marketplaces.

Room To Add New Opportunities:

You should have an ongoing relationship with a webmaster so you can add new functions and features as new opportunities arise. When you have an ongoing relationship, the web master has a vested interest in the company’s success and will be more than eager to explore new opportunities.

Who can help you with online Store Maintenance?

We can.  At, we  specialize in small business online stores and can help you with routine maintenance, enhancements, SEO and CRM. Let’s talk.

Online Store Maintenance Specialists
Online Store Maintenance